Battle Born Venture accepts applications through the Gust platform, which has the added benefit of creating a public profile for each applicant on a site that is popular with venture capital and angel investors across the world, should the applicant so choose (have concerns about compliance with applicable securities laws? See “Our Use of the Gust Platform” below).

If you’d like a copy of the application questions, you can download them in pdf form here.  In addition, we ask that you upload an executive summary or business model canvas, and will evaluate up to two legal-sized pages of information.

Nationally, fewer than 0.5% of businesses receive venture capital funding, and Battle Born is also limited in the number of Nevadan businesses that it is able to fund. We ask that you ensure that your business meets our mandate before you apply. The most common reasons that applications are rejected are:

  • The startup is too early in its development, for instance, it doesn’t yet have customers Team salaries are disproportionately high given the early development stage of the business.

  • Funding from Battle Born would be used to repay outstanding debt, or to buy out founder or seed investors’ equity stakes at a very early stage in the company’s development.

  • The startup is based outside Nevada



Finally, by applying to Battle Born on the Gust website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions:

  1. You agree that all information that you have provided is true and accurate and that you will indemnify Battle Born against any harm resulting from inaccuracies in your submission (as well as well as any follow-up information that you may provide).

  2. Battle Born staff will share your application information with its associates, including members of its investment committee and advisory board, potential co-investment partners and other professionals, for the purposes of conducting due diligence on a potential investment. You agree that this is an acceptable use of the information.

  3. Battle Born is not responsible for any information becoming public. You should not supply Battle Born with any information that you would not be comfortable disclosing in public.

  4. Battle Born attempts to evaluate all applications on an equal basis, and is able to fund only a small proportion of applications. The decisions of the program manager are subject but binding. You agree that you will not seek either legal or other recourse if your application is not accepted for funding.

Download terms and conditions in a pdf file.



In light of amendments to Federal securities laws pursuant to the JOBS Act, some applicants have asked us whether use of the Gust platform undermines the customary Federal securities law registration exemption relied upon by most startups (now known as a Rule 506(b) exemption). Though Battle Born does not give legal advice to applicants, we thought it would be useful for applicants to understand why we remain comfortable with reliance on the Gust platform.

Currently, the Gust platform is only open to accredited investors and does not permit any “general solicitation” of those accredited investors. We understand that these parameters have previously been found to be consistent with a Rule 506(b) exemption, and recent amendments do not change that outcome. In addition, the Gust platform permits a “private” submission that would only enable Battle Born to see a submission. Thus, if a “private” submission is made, no other investors on the Gust platform would be able to view the submission.

Accordingly, we remain comfortable using the Gust platform for our program. This explanation, of course, cannot constitute legal advice and we recommend that you discuss this matter (along with all securities law matters) with qualified legal counsel.

Thank you for your interest in Battle Born Venture!